Thursday, December 7, 2023

I Love Christmas Because...

           I love Christmas because it celebrates the birth of Jesus. I know many forget that, but at the heart of the season is the story of an innocent baby born who was destined to change the world. Believe or not believe, no person can deny that he changed their world. Wars were fought for him, songs were sung about him, stories written about him, people live and die for him. I for one believe in him. I always have, just I tend to keep it low key. Religion is not a safe topic to discuss in public. It brings out too many different beliefs and arguments.

          So, back to Christmas. I also love the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It makes everything seem so purposeful. People have a goal of getting just the right thing for another person. They can be ruthless at it too LOL. Businesses come alive with decorations and sales, everything looks so festive. After the holidays, and the decorations are gone, everything looks so dull and dreary. It also signals the end of another year. By the time Christmas comes around I am done LOL. I have been decorating and baking and planning, it is nice to just stop for a bit.

          The last thing I love about Christmas is my kids. They no longer believe in Santa, so they focus on just the spirit of the season. We think about how to make the holiday special for each other. There is only the three of us, so it is a simple day. Often I work, so the 25th isn't important. It is the whole time leading up to it that we love. Presents can be given anytime, no worries about wrapping and sneaking them under the tree. We all just want to find something that will bring smiles. 

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