Sunday, December 17, 2023

Hallmark Movies

           Today's prompt asks if I am a Hallmark movie watcher. Yes and no LOL sometimes I find ones that are interesting or have an actor I like, so I will watch it, but most of the time I find them a bit silly. They are so preposterous in plots. They are also very predictable. I like movies that keep me guessing.

          My work fooled me. I thought they cared. When I called my manager Thursday, right after I found out my grandma had died, she immediately took me off the work schedule for the weekend, and told me to take care. Yet, last night, 2 days later, she is calling and asking me to come into work. I said no. I wake up this morning to another text asking me if I can work tonight??? I told her no since funeral is tomorrow morning. So much for caring and giving me time to grieve. So disappointed in them.

          Is still windy and rainy outside, but supposed to be clearing later today. My backyard is drenched, but everything survived it seems. Not sure what I am doing today. Not a lot of places to go for fun in this weather. Most events got cancelled. Now, I wish there was a good Hallmark movie on LOL

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