Thursday, December 28, 2023

Am I Cold or Hot?

          So, which type of weather do I prefer is today's prompt, cold or hot? Neither LOL I grew up around snow, and while it is pretty, I did not like the cold. Now, I live in Florida where it is hot, and not so great either, some of the time :) Of the two, I choose the warm. When it is cold, all I want to do is snuggle up under a blanket and stay inside. There is never a good time to venture outside. When I visited friends in Washington, DC it was always cold. I was miserable. 

          In Florida, while it is hot, there are times when the weather is quite nice. In the evening it cools down so outside is not so scary LOL In the morning, when I wake up, I can open the patio door and enjoy the breeze and sounds of the world waking up. It is currently 08:00 and I have said door open while I listen to the rain. It is a bit chilly, but not so bad.

          I put away all my outside decorations yesterday. Now I just have to do the inside. Just need to find some energy. So far not much of that. I woke up tired LOL but I have my to do list to keep me aware of what needs to be done. I might end up back asleep before accomplishing a bit of it LOL. 

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