Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Simple Snowmen

          Today's prompt is asking how I am decorating for Christmas.  I am keeping it simple this year. My neighbors are all going crazy putting up lights, I can in no way compete with them, so I am just putting up enough to keep people from saying I am bah humbug. Inside I have yet to be inspired to decorate. I did my couch up pretty in Christmas blankets, but that is about it. I have candy canes on the tree and a few poinsettia. I also tucked in a few birds for fun.

          I do not know why I have been uninspired, perhaps because my kids are older now. There does not seem to be much magic left in the holiday, which is disappointing. I still try and keep a few traditions alive. We have advent calendars and my son hides a candy cane every night for his sister to find. It is cute. In fact it is time to go write about that tradition for school. I need to focus now LOL.

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