Saturday, December 2, 2023

A Childhood Christmas Memory

           Okay this was a funny one to me, not so much my brother. One year my mom handed us each a present when we were teenagers. We open at the same time, and inside mine is $100 and inside his is $50 LOL My brother's face was shocked and disappointed all at once, mine was triumphant, because after all these years, I finally had proof I was her favorite child LOL she is scrambling, yelling "Wait!!! I messed up!!!" I'm laughing, my brother is trying to be thankful, my mom is scrambling through the presents, laughing so hard she can barely breathe, until she grabs two more presents and tells us to open them. Turns out we were both getting $150 cash, she had just mixed up the boxes LOL I didn't care. For those few moments, I was the favorite and got to hold it over my brother's head LOL best Christmas present ever :)

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