Sunday, December 3, 2023

Time to Plug in Those Lights

          This year we are keeping it simple. We go all out for Halloween, but for Christmas, on my street, simple is better. Our neighbors have officially gone crazy with the lights. We are talking in the thousands strung up. There is no way I can compete with that, so simple is better. Past years we have put up lots of lights and inflatables, but this year is a nope LOL I do not understand why everybody is going so over the top this year, but they are LOL. Driving through my neighborhood at night is a visual treat. So many pretty lights.

          We have put up a few lights. We have the bushes lit up, and we went around our landscaping with white lights, colored lights along the driveway. I put up a garage banner and snowmen porch light covers, so we look respectable, and we have little snowmen solar lights along the side of the house. Sounds like a lot, but in comparison, it is nothing LOL. I put stuff up just so we don't stick out from lack of decorations LOL if I could I would have no lights. Any moisture and it flips our circuit breaker and we lose power to part of the house. It took forever to figure out what happened and how to remedy the first time.

         I like the lights though. I want my kids to be able to have these memories they can look back on and hopefully enjoy them, perhaps even share with their future families. 

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