Sunday, December 10, 2023

Top Ten Things to Love and Stay Healthy

           The prompt today is supposed to be the top 10 things I am loving. Well, I am adjusting that. Now that I am a new minted senior citizen of 55, I should really try and get my health in order. I have been noticing my memory and thinking is not so great. What I could think of instantly, now takes me a few moments. It is very frustrating. So I figure I need to find ways to reverse or prevent anything getting worse, as best I can. So I Googled LOL

          Top 10 Nutrition Tips:

1. Eat fruits and vegetables.              6.  Avoid adding salt.

2. Vary protein sources.                     7. Drink more water.

3. Add in healthy fats.                         8. Be careful with medications. 

4. Switch to whole grains                  9. Keep food stored properly.

5. Get enough low-fat dairy             10. Plan and eat healthy meals.

           Top 10 Nutrients Needed:

1. B12                               6. Vitamin D

2.  B6                                7. Calcium

3.  Magnesium              8. Protein

4. Omega 3s                   9. Vitamin E

5. Fiber                            10. Water

          Top 10 Superfoods:

1.  Dark leafy greens               6. Cruciferous vegetables

2. Blueberries                           7. Nuts and seeds

3. Eggs                                         8. Salmon

4. Plain Greek yogurt            9. Avocados

5. Olive oil                                10. Whole grains

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