Monday, December 11, 2023

Holiday Movie Must Watch List

           Since this year I am not really feeling like Christmas, I have been just watching whatever I feel like. I do watch a few Hallmark movies LOL but they are getting a bit repetitive. For my birthday my kids took me to see The Marvels which was flerkin awesome LOL you have to see it to get that reference. This month I am also going to go see Aquaman when it comes out. That just looks fun. On streaming service Reacher season 2 starts next weekend. I liked that series.

         I tend to like the more thinking mystery type shows. Legal shows like Suits, Harry's Law, and Drop Dead Diva are favorites. I also really enjoy Leverage, Psych, Castle, The Rookie, The Mentalist, and this new show called The Irrational. Shows that make me think and try to figure it out always interest me.

          It is chilly here today in Florida. Right now I think it is in the 50's. I still have the patio door open LOL I love hearing the world wake up. My pets also like getting outside so to speak. I do not have a lot planned today. Laundry, school work, be lazy LOL I try to stay on top of things so that my home never gets out of hand messy. Until my kids get up I just relax with some coffee and TV or I fall back asleep LOL.

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