Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Christmas Playlist

           I have been listening to Christmas songs since the beginning of November. I like the old fashioned ones mostly. Michael Buble is perfect for Christmas songs. The radio station I listen to the most is Magic 107.7 it has been continuously Christmas carols LOL I am getting a bit tired of them. My daughter is too. I only listen to music, when I am in my car, on the radio. I do not own a single song LOL. I have never really been into music. I like it, but only when I drive. 

          My daughter and son both like music. I will hear them singing songs I have never even heard of. My son has very eclectic and non-mainstream tastes in music. I think I have heard him sing in Celtic. My daughter likes the music from her video games. It is unusual for us to all like the same song LOL

          So, not a lot on tap for today. It is my last vacation day until the spring. I have enjoyed my time off. I would love to just be a stay at home mom. That is my dream job. 

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