Tuesday, January 23, 2024

You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

          I am supposed to give myself three sincere compliments with this prompt. People have such a hard time giving their selves compliments or even taking a compliment. I remember when I was a teenager a guy told me I was pretty. I immediately began to deny it, saying he was just being nice. It offended him that I would not just say thank you. He said I was basically saying his opinion did not matter. So I learned to just say thank you. I still try and deflect compliments. I follow the saying "no blame, no fame". I do not want any blame for anything, nor do I want any fame. I like to stay out of the limelight both ways. It is easier.

          Okay, back to the compliments. hmmmmm I like how my nails are looking these days LOL. My daughter got me back into painting my nails. As a nurse, long nails can be a problem, so I started keeping my very short and unpolished, but nowadays, everybody seems to have these intricate manicures. I don't have that, but they are longer now and I like glitter nail polish on them LOL. 

          Second compliment would be I like how I decorate my home. It is colorful and put together. Each room is decorated fully. My bathroom is Pooh Bear, my bedroom is flamingos, my kitchen is veggies, living room/dining room has sunflowers and farm animals, guest bathroom is seasonal, right now I have farmhouse decor with cotton branches, and hallway has birds. My kids rooms are whatever they wish to have in them.

          Finally, I like how well I can stay organized. I make a list of what I need to do, when I need to do it, and then I get it done. I do not like to procrastinate. I find that keeping myself focused on accomplishing tasks gets more done. Otherwise I am just doing nothing LOL I do this at home and at work. It keeps me from being overwhelmed. 

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