Friday, January 5, 2024

Five Bad Habits I'd Like to Get Rid of This Year

           Bad habits are the prompt of the day. Choosing five to focus on getting rid of is no fun. Usually bad habits are the fun ones LOL. One bad habit is late night eating. It seems I do great all day, but once the sun goes down and 9pm hits, I lose all self control, not good. Two is going to be talking bad about myself, I am my own worst critic. Three will be yelling at people from my car LOL my daughter thinks I do that too much. It is not my fault they gave idiots licenses. Four has to be putting off dusting. It is so bad with the dogs and cats. I swear there is a naked one I don't know about running around here. Finally five is ordering delivery. I spend way too much ordering food because I have not planned ahead. That definitely needs to stop.

          Off to work for one night, then back to my regular schedule I hope. Did not sleep very well last night. It was cold, so then I worried kids and animals were cold. So I turned on heat, then I was too hot to sleep LOL. Hopefully night goes by quickly and smoothly. This weekend I need to try and pick up those branches in backyard. Perhaps I will even try meal planning LOL. Hard part is sticking to the plan.

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