Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year

           Already one day into the new year and I lost my prompts LOL I am sure they are around somewhere, but right now too tired to look for them. I woke up with absolutely no idea what day it was. I know the date, but not what day LOL so confused. I changed out all of my calendars, so the year has a fresh new feel to it. My mind is already thinking of all the small projects I was to get done this year. Knowing me I will smash them all into the next two weeks LOL most involve cleaning.

          Health and fitness are also big on my to do list. I need to look into natural cures for arthritis. My left hand/thumb really bothering me. I apparently need to also do some strength training to help keep my mind sharp. Somehow I need to be selfish in the morning and ignore the pitiful pleas of my doggies, and just go walk by myself. Or just be mean and only take one out. I managed to average over 7100 steps/day last year. This year my goal is to get somewhere between 7500 and 8000 steps daily. No more Disney trips to help get those big days though. I am going to have to find something else or just hit 7500 daily. Work days that is hard to do.

          One more night at work, then off three. Those days are to be filled with finishing up my post holiday cleaning. Time to get my home back to every day status. Last year we celebrated every holiday. This year, right now, only planning on Halloween LOL. Perhaps that might change in future when I am less tired LOL. My kids are older, so they do not seem to mind if the holidays are low key. I love my kids.

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