Thursday, January 4, 2024

My Top Ten Goals for the Year

           LOL I swear they are beating this goals and resolutions into me for these prompts. I guess that is a good thing. I do not like to lie, so if I type it in here, I have to do it, or I have lied. At least in my head it works that way. Okay so top 10 goals:

1. Move more.

2. Eat less sweets.

3. Don't order delivery so much.

4. Limit TEMU orders LOL

5. Pay off as many credit cards as possible.

6. Get backyard looking pretty again.

7. Plant some hedges along my house.

8. Make healthier choices.

9. Celebrate holidays.

10. Learn to love and accept myself.

          I am on track with my steps so far. I have to do some extra today to supplement tomorrow, since I have to go to work for one night. Then five days off. Yesterday I also managed to get outside and trim the trees. I did not pick up the branches though LOL I told my kids they are going to help me with that this weekend. Yard waste pickup is on Monday. Once the branches are gone, then I can start pulling weeds. I need to focus on the back and side of my house. Those areas are in most need. Along the side of the house I have decided I want to plant some hedges, that way come Christmas I can light them up with all the lights I got on clearance LOL.

          I did not make the chicken yesterday, the kids wanted jambalaya, so chicken and salads on for today. I also found out I like Rizzoli and Isles so now I have another show to distract me while I get some steps in. I also have another episode of Reacher to enjoy today. I swear that Alan Ritchson is a Greek god come to life. OH, I was good yesterday LOL I managed to take my dog in to the groomers and get her nails trimmed. She needed that badly, so now no more tippy taps as she walks around. She hates going for car rides or we would go more often.

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