Sunday, January 21, 2024

The Biggest Lesson I learned Last Year

           The biggest lesson I learned last year was that I am getting old. I am starting to feel my age physically. My mind is definitely not as sharp as it used to be and that is freaking me out since my grandmother had dementia. I so do not want to forget my kids. So, I am trying to exercise my mind with puzzle games and taking a multivitamin since that is supposed to help. Whenever it stops raining, I will try and get outside for some exercise and vitamin D. The exercise will also help with the aches and pains LOL.

          Work this weekend was a nightmare. I even had the police up there asking if I wanted to press assault and battery charges against a patient LOL. If I was not not lazy about going to court, I might have just to teach them a lesson about how it is wrong to assault your nurse. We are not punching bags either mentally or physically. I said no though LOL they were lucky.

          Sunday afternoon here, and the sun is attempting to shine, but the temperature isn't even in the 60's. It was 39 degrees when I left work this morning. Florida weather is broken. So, inside I remain, cleaning, laundry, and cuddling up under a blanket. I also need sleep LOL could only manage 2 hours before a charlie horse hit my leg and rudely woke me up with pain. Must remember to get some bananas to help with that :)  

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