Sunday, January 7, 2024

Three Qualities I'd Like to Strengthen About Myself

           Three qualities to strengthen hmmmm...I definitely would like to strengthen my body. I don't want to be a body builder LOL but I would like to feel stronger. Research seems to show that people who are stronger have less risk for dementia and stronger bones. Both are concerning for me now. I would also like to strengthen my bond with my family. My kids and I are great, but I wish I could see my brother more. I haven't seen him in six years. Lastly, I would like to strengthen my traditions I suppose. I want my kids to feel a connection to their past, one that they can share in the future if they ever have kids. Not that I see that happening LOL both dislike idea of having kids, so I am doomed to never be a grandmother.

          The rain yesterday made it impossible to get any yardwork done, and it is currently raining again. So, yardwork seems to be out once more. Perhaps later there will be a break where I can at least put the sticks in one pile. I did not waste the day though. I cleaned up and fixed up my bathroom closet. It was a mess. I threw out some stuff, but mainly organized it. I washed all of the towels that I did not even know I had LOL they are now neatly folded on the shelves, even sorted into colors. The irony of all of it was after I was done cleaning, and the towels were washing, I needed a shower badly, but no towels LOL. Anyway, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself once it was all done. By the time I went to bed, everything in my home was all nice and neat. It made me very happy to just look around and sip some tea before bed.

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