Wednesday, January 10, 2024

One Tangible Goal to Accomplish This Week

           One tangible goal I can accomplish this week is getting mine and my daughter's school assignments done on time. She and I both started our Spring semesters this week, me on Monday, and her today. I cannot believe we are halfway through her freshman year of high school. She still seems to young for high school. Tonight is her church youth group. It is Fuego Night, which is their theme night. Tonight's them is "Level Up" and it is all about games. So she is wearing her Minecraft shirt she designed at Disney Springs.

          The storm yesterday was not as bad as they were predicting of course. No idea why they even shut schools down, unless they were just looking for excuse LOL. It was mainly just very windy. It brought the chilly weather back. I am disappointed I cannot open the back patio door yet. The cats and dogs are not happy.

          Today is a chill day. Just laundry and getting everything ready for work this weekend. I think my new bathroom decor arrives today, so I might get to do that later. The guest bathroom is going to be white and rustic with cotton stem accents. I am hoping it turns out cute.

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