Monday, January 8, 2024

Write an Encouraging Letter to Yourself

           Okay the actual prompt is an encouraging letter to parts of yourself that might be hurt or disappointed. That sounded silly LOL am I supposed to write a letter to my hurting feet or aching back? We will stick with just a letter LOL 

          My encouraging letter is "B" LOL yeah, I am being sarcastic. I have been doing school assignments all morning, so my brain is a bit tired. Be sensitive to my feelings, I am my own worst critic. Be patient with yourself. Bad habits take a while to overcome. Be careful when changing up diet and nutrition. Find something doable. Finally, Be willing to change. Change is scary, even when you know something is bad, it is still somewhat comfortable to stay there. The what ifs are terrible to face.

          That all makes sense to me, so I will leave it at that. Again, brain tired. I started a personal finance course today and a civil war history course. The list of things to do was a bit overwhelming. I like to get as much done as soon as possible, so I sort of over did it. I need to learn to pace myself better.

          Well all the sticks in the backyard were picked up and it sounds like the truck is outside collecting them. Now I just need some nice weather to start the task of pulling up weeds. Is too cold right now. I just had to go turn on my heat and grab a shawl. If I am cold, then I know my kids will be freezing. Not a lot planned for today. I got my steps in yesterday, I am doing well on those. I am working on the late night snacking. I have been trying to stick to salads and tea or cocoa as a snack. Today I am making me some deviled eggs and spicy chicken nuggets to eat. I am out of salad fixings, so I need to go get more. Not feeling very active yet though. Maybe once I warm up :)

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