Tuesday, January 30, 2024

What Have I Accomplished This Month

           Well, I haven't accomplished it yet, but I will today. Today is when I have to renew my BLS and ACLS certifications in order for me to continue on as a nurse. I have my class at 10:30a.m. A group of my fellow nurses and I are all going to the class together. It is my fourth time going to this place, On Call Training Solutions and using Tony (the owner). He has definitely made ACLS less intimidating. I used to freak out over the thought of that certification, I did not think I was smart enough for that, but he gets me through the class. I just have to remember the answer is always epi LOL. I always laugh at medical shows. They love to shock people in codes, but in real life, that only happens when there is a crazy heart rhythm. If there is no rhythm, shocking will do nothing. That is when you need epi and CPR. Also the TV codes that last less than a minute are ridiculous. Doctors would never call it after just a minute. I have seen codes that seemingly go on forever. Doctors do not like to lose to a code at all.

          Brrrrrr it is once again cold. I do not like this type of weather. I moved away from the cold. Later though, it is supposed to be almost 70 degrees, so perfect weather. Maybe I can convince my kids to go out with me later. We all have the night free, which is a rare occurrence these days. I also have to get the normal stuff I do on Wednesdays done today, since I work tomorrow. Good part about that is I get Saturday night off and we are going to see the movie "Argyle". It looks funny.

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