Wednesday, January 3, 2024

This Time Next Year I will Be...

           The only thing that comes to mind is 56 years old LOL so far all of these prompts seem to be goals and such for the year, so I guess this one is for what I hope to accomplish. Let's see...I want to get to 56 years healthier than I am now. I want my kids to also be healthier. My daughter can get her driver's permit this year (HOLY CRAP!!!) and perhaps my son can find a job that makes him more money and/or happier. My backyard will look decent again LOL that is a big one. Finally all of my pets will still be healthy.

          So far, I am on point with my steps average. I am shooting for average of 7500 steps/day. I know I have to do more during week to supplement work says. I took my vitamins already and I found a new low carb recipe for chicken that I think my kids will really like. Pair it with a salad and dinner will be yummy. I also think I will boil some eggs to use in salads. I have aspirations of prepping lots of salad fixings so that salads will be easier to assemble and be more appealing. I need a few more veggies though like celery and bell peppers. I need to learn to cook more at home and not order so much delivery. I would save a fortune LOL

          Weather permitting I am going to start on backyard. My crepe myrtle trees need to be trimmed. I might also start pulling up a few weeds. It really just depends on how sunny it gets. The high is supposed to be 68 degrees. If it is sunny, then that is perfect weather for yardwork. 


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