Monday, January 29, 2024

Life in a Year

           I am supposed to envision the person I think I will be in a year, all I am hoping for is to be alive and healthier. It is a real concern now. My dad died in his late 50's I think, but that was due to kidney complications and non-compliance, and my mom died suddenly at 64 years old. I want to live lots longer, like into my 90's like my grandmother. So, I am trying to become healthier. Not succeeding every day though...yet.

          Okay, is too cold inside right now, but my son just came out and complained he couldn't sleep because it is too hot. Now I am confused LOL. Maybe I am not cold and just sick, cause all I want to do is bundle up and go back to sleep. Instead I will get my school work done, then go back to bed LOL. I will rest easier knowing I have nothing looming to do.

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