Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Word for the Year - Peaceful

           I found my prompt page LOL it was under my laptop LOL that is how tired I was. It literally was under my nose. Yesterday's prompt was supposed to be "What was your first meal of the year?" I am Southern, I had black-eyed peas and collard greens for luck. One of these years it will pay off LOL my daughter did not want to partake because she dislikes both foods, but she did manage one pea and a bite of greens LOL.

          Today's prompt is to choose a word for the year and explain why. I do not really understand how I can choose a word for a year that has just begun. In my experience, the year kind of does its own thing, no matter what I want LOL. If I choose, then I am going to go with "PEACEFUL".

          I would like a drama free year, nothing crazy or sad happening. I would like to become at peace with my health and body. I would like to be at peace in my backyard, surrounded by a beautiful lawn. I would like to look around my home and be peaceful and proud of all that it symbolizes to me. I would like to be at peace knowing my kids are both happy and healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. I would like to have peace in knowing all of my pets feel loved and cared for. Peaceful just means I have no major worries in my life. I think that is a good word for the year:)

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