Friday, January 12, 2024

My Home

           Well, I accidently broke my streak LOL went to work yesterday and forgot to write a blog. Oh well. The prompt was to write about how my home looks and feels, and what I like about it. My home is my happy place. I have named it Casa Bella which to me means pretty house. It was an impulse buy back in 2017. I mean totally impulse LOL I was taking some school books to UPS to send back and I saw the new construction homes. I thought I would just look. Alex, the agent, offered me a really nice lot for free, and then I picked out a 1973 square foot style. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A big great room that encompasses my kitchen, living, and dining area. I have a back patio with a large, fenced in backyard. A front porch, and a garage. I had to pick out everything in the design center. I was stunned at how many things I had to decide on, Even corners LOL I had to choose did I was them rounded or sharp. My mind was blown LOL. My kids did not believe me when I said I bought a house. I had to drive them to construction site and introduce them to Alex before they believed me. My son actually was crying a bit because he was so happy. He had never even dared to dream we would ever own a house. The construction site was so close to where we were living, that every week we would drive by to see the progress. It went from an empty lot, to pipes sticking out of the ground, to a foundation, to walls, a roof, windows, until finally landscaping. It was so fun to watch it come together. Inside it is decorated to make me happy. I have bright fun colors and everything is comfortable. It is not a show home, it is a haven for us.


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