Saturday, January 6, 2024

Something I'd Like to Try This Year that I've Never Tried Before Is...

           Good grief this is a hard daily prompt. I am a wimp, a coward, I like to play it safe. There is nothing I want to try LOL. I am not going to try anything scary, because, it is scary LOL There will be no sky diving or swimming with sharks for me LOL I have no bucket list. I have embraced my nice, calm, safe life. It keeps everything nice, calm, and safe :)

          So much for getting the tree branches picked up today. It poured rain all morning long, so the backyard is soaked. Perhaps tomorrow I can get a bit of the smaller ones picked up to be hauled away with trash. So instead I am doing laundry and relaxing. I might go to Hobby Lobby to see what they have put out for Spring. I keep forgetting it is Saturday. I am ready to stop being confused LOL now it is time to go back to my regular schedule.

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