Wednesday, January 24, 2024

A Favorite Memory

           Today's prompt is to write down a favorite memory. I have too many, all involving my kids LOL. They both were such characters. They each laugh when I tell them tales of all the adventures they caused me LOL My son and his little red chair would get into all sorts of forbidden places, he also would take care of me, often ending up with me having to clean up huge messes because of his "help". My daughter wasn't a mischief maker, she was just too cute and would use it against me LOL. I can never tell her no. When I think of my memories of her, I just picture her in different places looking so adorable. I can't think of any one specific memory that comes to mind. Of course that isn't surprising as I have the memory span of an ant LOL.

          Today I am certain to get Spring fever. It is sunny and warm today. So, into the backyard I go, pulling up weeds, and plotting where I will plant flowers and such. I also already did mine and my son's taxes, we both get money back, all of which will go to paying off some credit cards. Laundry, recycling, and meal planning are on tap as well. It is forecasted to be a nice day :)

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