Saturday, January 20, 2024

Five Things That Bring me Joy That Money Can't Buy Are:

          1.  Seeing my kids interacting. They can be sharing memes on phones, watching a series on TV, playing video games together, or just talking about some random topic LOL seeing how well they get along and how similar they are makes me so happy inside.

          2. My animals. Every morning when I come home from work, they all run to greet me. They are all so happy to see me. My dogs in particular. They cannot stand still for me to even pet them, they are so excited. They make me feel loved.

          3. A nice sunny morning. Waking up early, the temperature nice enough that I can open up the back patio door and let fresh air in. I can hear birds and the sounds of the world waking up. It is so peaceful and the time I feel most productive.

          4. Finding a new TV show to binge watch. Something that captures my interest enough to distract me from my step exercises. Sometimes it is a new show or an old show, if it has multiple seasons, I am thrilled. I love shows that keep me guessing.

          5. Getting enough sleep in one shot. So many times I can only sleep 2-3 hours at a time. If I am comfy and can stay asleep for a full 6 hours, I feel so much better. It does not happen often though.

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