Monday, January 22, 2024

I Feel Like My Best Self When

           I feel like my best self when I can create or make a recipe that both my kids like to eat. As a mom, it is so hard to make sure your kids eat right. Sometimes they can be so picky, each of them like different things. So when I find something they both like, I am thrilled LOL. My latest creation they both like is chicken breast, smothered in aioli sauce, then coated with seasoned panko breading, sprayed with butter cooking spray, they baked until tender. They both go crazy for it. Doesn't matter the flavor of the aioli, any kind works with them :)

      OMG I am not awake yet. I couldn't fall asleep yesterday. I think I got overtired. I am going to attempt to get stuff done today LOL already fried brain doing finance homework. I will work on the civil war stuff later. I also want to make some soup today, most likely rice based since son made way too much rice yesterday LOL then if weather will cooperate, I plan of getting into backyard. I just need no rain and at least in 60's. We have the no rain part, now just has to get out of the 40's. BRRRRRRRRR

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