Saturday, February 17, 2024

What Would I Do If Money Was Object?


          If I had unlimited money, I would be a stay at home mom LOL. You would not find me going to work just to stay busy. Oh no, with all that money, I would find fun stuff to do. I would keep my house and maybe buy the ones on each side of me. One for my daughter and one for my son, then put a pool in back and connecting dogs runs for the pets to visit any of us. Oh, and we would have more pets LOL. I would totally redo my backyard with a screened in enclosure overhead and astro turf so I did not have to mow LOL. Front yard would get new landscaping too. Inside all the rug would come up and floors tiled. We would get annual passes to all the theme parks just in case we wanted to visit them. I would have meals delivered so I could eat healthy and not have to cook. I have thought about all of this stuff many times. No bills, no working, just enjoying my life with my pets and my kids.

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