Thursday, February 1, 2024

A Lesson I Learned From My Grandpa

           This is an unusual prompt, but kind of interesting for today. Just about an hour ago I discovered my great-great-great grandpa was a private in the Civil War. Unfortunately he was on the Confederate side, but as I have learned in my Civil War history class, not everybody was fighting by choice. Some were there because they were forced by family, friends, the general population. I would imagine most did not want to go to war. He was in the 16th South Caroline regiment I, or something like that. He fought alongside Hood against Sherman and his march to the sea. My ancestor made it out of the Civil War alive thankfully, or I would not be here today. I found a picture of him, he looks about 19 years old and innocent, so I am guessing right before the war. So many records to go through. I am planning on using him for a school project.

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