Tuesday, February 6, 2024

What Is Your Relationship Like With Your Sibling?

           I have one full brother, and a sister and brother who pretend to not know they are illegitimate LOL my dad had a fling when I was a teenager and got a married woman pregnant twice LOL. I follow the girl on Facebook. She looks just like my dad in drag LOL the boy just looks like a younger version of my dad. It is all very obvious, but they are in denial because they do not want to hurt the man who thinks he is their father, which I can understand.

          Anyway, I have one brother who is stuck with me LOL. He is three years younger, but looks older thanks to moisturizer. He lives way too far away for us to be really close. We do talk weekly, usually in our cars driving to work. We fought a lot when we were kids, but outgrew that. Probably about the time he got big enough to kick my butt LOL He has one biological daughter and girl and boy who claim him as their dad since he dated their mom 25 years ago LOL. We do not have as close a relationship as I would like. He is really cool and I think would be fun to hang out with. He is very smart and charismatic, people love to hang out with him. He has met and become friendly with lots of important and famous people. He is just one of those people that is naturally liked.

          I am so tired. I took some melatonin and drank some sleepytime tea so I would get a good night sleep. No luck, my pets woke me up at 7am. My sleep aids have not worn off yet, but I am up for a few. I have a civil war test to take. So not ready for that. I keep having to tell myself that I do not need an A. I just need to pass class in order to maintain deferment status on student loans. As soon as I am done with school stuff, I am heading back to sleep.

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