Monday, February 19, 2024

What I Am Looking For In A Romantic Partner


          The answer is nothing LOL I do not want a romantic partner. I have been on my own now for over 20 years. I am too set in my ways. I have zero desire to share my world with somebody else at this point. At one time I would have wanted this guy, Alan Ritchson, because he is about perfect. Tall, handsome, Christian, funny, protective, smart, and likes kids. He is the perfect package. Now, however, I like my independence.

          This morning is perfect example of why I like being single. I did not have to wake up and get pretty. I can tumble out of bed and wear what I am comfy in. I do not have to make somebody else coffee, it is all mine. I do not have to plan dinner or entertainment. I do not have to worry about another person, well other than my kids, I am carefree. All I have to do is deal with me. That is so much easier.

          So, today I have school, grocery shopping, and that's it LOL. Yesterday we finally moved my daughter out of my room and into her own room. I was waiting for her to decide to go. So, my room is all pretty and back to just my flamingo decor. Her room is still overrun with plushies, but it is her room. I told her when she figures out how she wants to decorate, to just let me know.

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