Sunday, February 25, 2024

What Do I Miss Most About My Hometown.


          Okay I totally missed the last few days of blogging because I was tired and working LOL. So, I am going to combine the prompts. I am not sure I have a hometown per say, I lived in a few towns in Arkansas. I was born in Malvern, spent a few years in DeQueen, went to college and lived in Little Rock in my 20's, and last time there I lived in Hot Springs a year before moving and settling in Florida. So, if anybody asks where I am from, I just say Arkansas. It is a pretty state. Lots of green trees and flowers to enjoy, The weather not so bad, got to experience tornado alerts LOL and rain. Whole state freaked out over snow LOL. It was a slower pace there, very much family oriented. In the small towns everyone knew everybody. I love the accent there, mine gets very pronounced when I am tired. It is a very relaxing state, plus the sweet tea was delicious.


          Second prompt was three celebrity crushes. Dean Cain is my number one crush. He is just about perfect in every way. hmmmm after that I have to think about it LOL nobody really comes to mind. Sometimes it depends on what I am watching who I like LOL I tend to like macho guys who are funny and like animals and kids.

Ohhh Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" fits that description, so I will pick him as number two.

Now for a third...I'm going to go with Victor Webster. He is hot, likes dogs, and does romantic movies on Hallmark Channel LOL. 

          Last prompt, today's prompt, is my best character traits. I would say I am pretty smart, loyal, and can solve problems. My kids think I am funny and loving. I am also very protective of those I love, I can mess with them, but heaven help anybody else who tries to.

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