Saturday, February 10, 2024

Happy Lunar New Year


          It's the year of the dragon. Both of my kids love telling me that fact LOL. We are celebrating today by splurging and getting Chinese food from Panda Express. My son is off to get it now, then afterwards going into his work to see if he can get a promotion. That would be awesome for him. More money and more hours.

          I missed blogging yesterday, I am always off kilter when I work. So I am combining the prompt from yesterday with today. They both sort of work together. Yesterday's was what was my childhood nickname, it was Punkin LOL. My dad's side of the family always called me that. Once, when I was an adult, I convinced my dad's friend that Punkin had died after joining a weird cult LOL. He could not understand how I was not sad about "her" passing LOL. Today's prompt is: did I ever get lost as a child? Once again, my dad comes into play. When I was about 3 years and my brother a baby, my dad took him and me, without my mom knowing, and I think took us to Oklahoma. My mom even called the FBI to report that we had been kidnapped. I have no clue how long were "lost", but it is an interesting tidbit about my history LOL.

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