Wednesday, February 14, 2024

If I Could Meet Any Fictional Character.


          If I could meet any fictional character is a good question. I read a lot growing up. My mom worked, and while she worked, my brother and I would stay at the library all day long. I read lots of old books. I think the ones I liked the most were the Nancy Drew mysteries. Nancy, Bess, and George were awesome role models. They were smart, adventurous, pretty, popular, and wore the cutest outfits LOL. At least in the books they sounded like that. The books were what helped develop my mind into wanting to solve mysteries. I like to figure things out. I know I will never solve any crimes, but my mind does do well with figuring out situations and solutions. I still love a good mystery.

          Happy Valentine's Day. Another year on my own. I really do not mind being single. I doubt I would be good in a relationship. I have been on my own for too long now. A relationship would require time, effort to look pretty, cooking, splitting my time between them or my kids, and trust. I do not trust anybody. Learned that lesson the extreme hard way. I do however feel envious of the couples who have been together forever. Part of me wishes I had a marriage that lasted over 30 years now. A man who I could be growing old with, thinking about grandkids, planning retirement with. Somebody who was just a part of me. It is way too late for that now.

          I have been so responsible this week LOL yesterday I managed to get weed killer down in the front, side, and back patio. I also threw some watermelon and cantaloupe seeds out in my side corridor yard LOL it is so wet over there it is squishy. Maybe some of the seeds will take hold and I will get some melons LOL. Last night I finally, after 6+ years, hung some curtains in my living room. I cheated LOL I used a shower rod between the sides of my sliding back door to hang them on. They look decent and block a bit of the morning sun. I am hoping they will help with the summer heat.

          Tonight, Staci goes to her church group, then her, Lee, and I are going to the movies to see "Madame Web". Hopefully it is good. Before all of that, I need to do laundry and grocery shop for the weekend. Back to work. At least it is payday on Friday. My bank account took a beating paying off all those credit cards. Now I just have to keep them paid off :) 

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