Friday, February 16, 2024

My Favorite Books


          Okay, if I had to pick a favorite series of books, it would be the Cherry Ames series. I mentioned before that I spent a lot of time in a library growing up, they had a lot of old books, and one of the series I found was Cherry Ames. Set in the 1950's I think, she started out as a student nurse, then senior nurse, and then moved on into all sorts of areas LOL. If I read them now I would be laughing so hard at the rules nurses had to follow back then and all the changes in the profession regarding drugs and treatments. The books were fun and portrayed nursing as this amazing and adventurous job LOL they lied. I still bought into it back then, and I became a nurse. What a fool I was LOL I have solved no medical mysteries, never helped develop a new drug, never wore all white, never traveled the world, and never, ever fell for a doctor LOL.



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