Monday, February 12, 2024

Am I a Country Girl or a City Girl?


          I think I am a bit of both. I was born in a very small town in Arkansas, but I live in a big urban area. I love the easy pace and friendly people atmosphere of a small town, also love that they are less expensive, but I need my conveniences. Small towns do not offer much to do. Not that I go out a lot, but I like the option to be able to. 

          Oh dear LOL I got up to go do something, and totally forgot I was writing this on Sunday LOL this is now Monday morning LOL. Man, I was tired yesterday. I did get a bunch accomplished though. I trimmed tree out front big time. I can now walk under it. It had lots of small branches that did not look very lively, so they are all gone. Then I raked up a big portion of all the leaves that had fallen off the tree, as well as a lot of dead grass. So, now my front yard looks bunches better. I even managed to do a wee bit in the back I took out this decorative area, that never really got decorated, so that when I mow I do not have to mow around it. Should be easier.

          Man, last night was the Superbowl and it was crazy. It went into over time, and in the last five freaking seconds, the Chiefs scored and beat the 49rs. That sucked big time. I so wanted the 49rs to win for my brother's sake. He has been a fan since the late 1970's.

          I guess I don't have to do today's post now LOL that's okay, it is a weird one. Asks what is my most prized possession. I do not have anything. I learned as a mom, never get attached to anything, especially if my kids can break it LOL.

          This week is the beginning of Spring here in Florida, so I am getting more work done on yards today. I have school work, and I plan on making Frito Chili Pies for dinner LOL. I also got curtains to hang up in living room to help block some of the sun front heating up the house so much. I am hoping I can manage hanging them LOL. 

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