Wednesday, February 7, 2024

What Personal Achievement Am I Most Proud Of?

           That is an easy question LOL my kids. I think both of them are phenomenal. My son is 28 years old now and has never been any trouble. He never did drugs, drank, or rebelled. He does not smoke, he went to and graduated college, he has a job, and he helps me any time I ask. He is smart, compassionate, and respectful. My daughter is 14 years old now, and seems to be on the path to doing just as well. She shows no interest in frivolous things like makeup and boys LOL she is just a natural beauty who is very shy. She is very talented with sewing and drawing, and makes up these amazing back stories for all the characters she creates. I keep telling her she needs to write them down. She is smart and sensitive, cares for others, and also is willing to help whenever asked. They are both amazing individuals that I am so proud of.

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