Sunday, February 4, 2024

How Do I Normally Spend My Weekends

          Okay, well my weekends are pretty boring. I work LOL usually Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. By the time I get off Sunday morning, I am tired, but I still have responsibilities. So on Sundays I do laundry, grocery shopping, mow my yard (front or back, sometimes both), and clean up around the house. Kids can sometimes get messy when I am at work. Then I pass out in my chair and sleep LOL.

          This weekend a bit different, as I have Saturday and Sunday off. Yesterday I did my part of my normal Sunday stuff, but then instead of sleep, kids and I went to the movies and saw "Argyle" it was great. Funny and action packed, with lots of twists. Afterwards I passed out in my chair all night LOL woke up this morning and saw weather calls for rain. My front yard is a disaster, and I do not want a citation for it, so I hopped up (even before coffee) and mowed front yard after pulling up a bunch of weeds by the roots. It sprinkled a bit, but I got it finished. I figure later I will do grocery shopping and maybe redo my daughter's bedroom. She has decided she is ready to move out of my bedroom and into her own.

          Yesterday got a piece of totally cool mail. Gooseberry Patch has chosen another one of my made up recipes for another cookbook. This will be my second one. I don't even remember the recipe, but I called it "Buttery Spiced Walnut Cookies" and it is going into their upcoming "Harvest for Sharing" cookbook. I get a free copy of the book in June. I am very excited. That makes two now. 

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