Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The Biggest Lie I Have Ever Told


          I do not like to lie. One can always find truth in what I say. It usually is so much more fun to tell the truth. The one lie I do tell, is that I am fine. I do not feel fine most of the time. I feel stressed. I feel scared. I feel like a failure at a lot of things. I feel lonely. I feel sad. I feel helpless a lot, but I lie and say I am fine when asked. Most people are just saying "How are you?" out of politeness. They do not really want to hear how the person is doing.

          Okay enough of that. Today is Mardi Gras. A time to celebrate and indulge because tomorrow starts lent, and the asking of forgiveness and traditionally giving up something for the next six weeks before Easter. At least that is what I think it is. So today I am making jambalaya and getting a king cake. I am wearing purple, and will hunt up some beads in a bit. Okay, we do not go all out and get drunk, but we will do a bit to have fun today.

          Yesterday I finally mowed the backyard. It now no longer stresses me LOL. It looks so much better. I just need to spread the weed killer so that can get working. I even discovered that two of my flowers I planted back there have survived and are blooming. One has purple flowers and the other has blue. I am hoping my jasmine comes back and my hibiscus that I got for Mother's Day last year. I tell my kids if they want to get me a mom's day present, get me a flowering plant for the backyard.

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