Sunday, February 18, 2024

My First Crush


          My first crush was Billy Zabka back in the 1980's. Oh I was in love with him. He played the good looking bad guy on so many movies, but in real life he was a sweet guy. I even wrote him a fan letter, and He wrote me back!!! It was a postcard with a picture of him on the front and him thanking me for being his fan. I had that postcard for years. I wish I knew what happened to it. At one time I knew everything about him, which wasn't easy as this was before the internet LOL. I even managed to come up with his address and phone number in Woodland Hills, California LOL. I called his number once and a lady answered LOL. I hung up. Thank goodness no caller ID back then. At 18 years old I even convinced my mom I wanted to move to Los Angeles just so I could meet him. First night there, somebody tried to break into my hotel room. So after a visit to Universal Studios, I went back home LOL Los Angeles wasn't for me. I had to still love him from afar.  It is nice to see him have a career resurgence with his Cobra Kai series. He still is as handsome as ever.

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