Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Four Items for a Time Capsule


          Four things to put in a time capsule. I think the first one would be a cell phone that has pictures and messages on it. It would give a visual of the person who used it for the future. I would also add some seed packets, because they might need those in the future LOL I think I would also add in a video game cartridge so they can see what people spent a lot of time doing. Finally, a coffee cup LOL because I have no clue what else to put in a time capsule LOL.

          Yesterday Staci and I had fun at SeaWorld. It wasn't very crowded thankfully. The weather was nice, though my nose got a bit rosy. We found the Axolotil plush of the month she wanted and played a game where she one another plush LOL so she was happy. I did not snack and my foot swelling went away, so I was happy too. Hopefully we will be able to go again soon. Not sure with spring break coming up. Might be too overwhelming.

          Today, I think we will just putter around home. I do not have anything pressing to do outside this place. I could use a day of relaxing. Already have the back door open and I can hear birds :) I am happy.

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