Sunday, May 26, 2024

Too Hot Already


          It i just May and already the temperatures are in upper 90's!!! Florida this summer is going to be brutal. I have annual passes to Aquatica, but danged if they aren't at capacity today LOL doesn't help that it is Memorial Day weekend. I am already ready for hurricane season to begin just so we get afternoon rains to cool things off a bit.

           I made it through my one night at work and foot still feels okay thankfully. I just walked slowly and did not care how busy I got LOL. They could wait. Especially the patient who was verbally abusive to me. Why yell and insult somebody who is trying to help you???

          No plans here for holiday weekend. Taking son to eye doctor is about it LOL. Then back inside to hide from the sun. Only time to go outside from now until November is either early morning or night time LOL. In between you risk spontaneous combustion.

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