Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Feeling a Bit Down


          For absolutely no reason, I occasionally feel a bit down. I take Zoloft to combat it, but some days that does not quite cut it. This week has been a few of those days in a row. Not sure what is going on. Yesterday driving home from dropping daughter off at her party really triggered me. I felt very lacking in everything. All of the homes where she went were shiny and new, the neighborhood very nicely put together, and it was cute. I was jealous and it made me feel bad. I had to remind myself that my home was pretty and my neighborhood very nicely put together, all of the people here very kind for the most part. It might not be shiny and new, but it isn't old LOL we all have only been here 7 years. All the trees are finally getting full and lining the streets, flowers and landscaping are blooming, I live in a great place. I have no idea why I was so envious. 

          I suppose it is human nature to want to go farther. I have done all there is here and I want change LOL. I don't need it, I simply want it. All of my life I was easily movable. My mom started it. She moved my brother and me countless times. I guess I got that from her. Now that I own a home, I cannot just move, I would have to sell and then find another place, not to mention my kids would never go for it LOL they love this place too much. I do too. My brother on the other hand, he hates moving. He has lived in the same city, in the same area, for over 35 years LOL. 

          I am sure this will all pass soon. I wouldn't ever sell my Casa Bella (what I named this place). It might not be fancy inside or out, but it has personality and color. It makes me and my kids happy. You should see the backyard at night now LOL I have all sort of solar lights highlighting the plants. It looks very cool. Plus my trees are full and flowering. I do need to mow, but that can wait until Sunday or Monday, when I am off work. I have to be careful to not stress my foot. I have to work three in a row again, so I need to be able to walk. I think I discovered too much sugar triggers the pain. Yesterday I had some chocolate for the first time in a while and afterwards my foot hurt. So, no more sweets for me. Which would be a good thing LOL. Ok now off to do end of week laundry and cleaning before work.

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