Monday, May 13, 2024

Summer Schedule for Fun


          It is already hot, so of course I am thinking about summer. I want to make sure it is fun and relaxing. I used this schedule a few years ago and it was fun. It helped me brainstorm ideas to do, but in a more focused way.  Mondays we can make something since Staci likes to craft and cook, Tuesdays I will tell her she needs to read something LOL just to keep her mind active. Wednesday would be good day to go to Aquatica or SeaWorld, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday she is usually with her brother while I work, so they can figure that out. I'd imagine movies will be popular activity LOL.  Then once I am off on Sunday and awake we can do whatever. Makes things easy peasy having an idea of what to do with nothing specific to get cancelled.

          Mother's day was nice and relaxing. I can't do much more than relax since my foot is still killing me. I am in a catch 22. It hurts because I am overweight so I upped my activity to lose weight, so now it hurts, and I can't walk, so no losing weight, so it will continue to hurt. So very frustrating. I am taking so many OTC pain killers LOL. I also bought me a foot spa with epson salts. Going to see if that helps the inflammation in my heel. 

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