Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Artificial Intelligence


          Opened up my computer and first thing I see is an ad for AI. Did nobody watch the movie Terminator??? Or basically any movie set in the future after all the machines have wiped us out??? It is a bit scary how fast AI is advancing now. I am not a big fan of doing away with people's roles. We are getting more advanced with medicine and AI surgeries. Do doctors not realize that if they keep promoting AI then they might just become obsolete. I do realize there are many things they have helped with, but I do not think they should be the future of us. People have instincts and emotions, and in some situations you need those to make the right call, even if appears to be the wrong call. I have seen so many shows where the person looks guilty, but they are not, it takes a person believing in them to really see what is going on. There are so many shades of gray in the world, but computers only see black and white. And do you know as I typed this I am seriously a bit worried that the computers are going to flag it as problematic???

          Okay, on to other stuff. I really liked the chair workouts yesterday. I ended up doing one in the morning and one at night LOL. They did get my heart pumping and I even broke a sweat. So, I will definitely try and continue those. Today I need to mow my front yard. It is looking bad. I will just go slowly so I do not hurt my foot further. I also need to take Staci to SeaWorld and Aquatica later so we can get our free money LOL. We have $20 and each to buy something. I cannot turn down free money LOL. We will go towards closing time so that we can park close. Less walking for me. I might even bring my cane LOL. I do not recommend ever getting old.

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