Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Brunch Party


          This morning my daughter is going to a brunch party for her friend's 15th birthday. So long to simple birthday parties LOL earlier this year she went to a friends escape room party. Teenagers really up the game these days with birthdays LOL she and I are trying to think of a good idea for her 15th birthday in July. Right now a pool party at Aquatica is sounding good LOL. Something to keep them cool and entertained with minimal effort on my behalf. It will just cost a pretty penny LOL. Since she has never asked for a party before, I guess I can handle it :)

          This brunch party sounds fancy LOL my daughter has been asked to dress in formal attire, so she is wearing her gala dress from last year. She is getting some use out of it finally LOL she also gets to wear it next week for her church Fuego Gala night once more. Then it will get put away since she is not a dress person. I guess next party/gala night we will have to find another dress she likes. I am trying to resist "helping" her get all glammed up. I realized that she does not like to be center of attention and if I push her, it ends up wrong. I figured this out last year for her Christmas party. I helped her with her ugly sweater look, so much so that she got chosen to go up on stage to compete. The problem with that was it turned into popularity contest, so she did not get the applause, which had to suck for her big time. I do not want a repeat of that, so I let her chose what she wishes to wear and is comfortable in. As much as I would like to get her all dolled up, in the end, I just want her to have fun.

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