Monday, May 20, 2024

Chair Yoga


          With my foot hurting so much, I have not been able to move as I did before, which does not help the problem at all. So, this ad popped up on my Instagram for chair yoga. I do not want to pay for something that might not work, but YouTube has free videos LOL. Those I will try. I found me a few 20 minute videos to do in rotation. I am hoping they help me move, burn a few calories, and help me get in better health. They look easy enough and I found ones with good music in the background.

          Yesterday I did it, I watched Bridgerton for the first time LOL. It is pretty good. I feel bad for the young girls of the time. They were completely clueless about sex. According to the show they did not even know the bare basics of what goes on in the bedroom or where babies come from. I like the Penelope character and Eloise. I wanted to like Daphne, but her and the Duke just seem too perfect. No flaws to empathize with. I do not know what people see in the Queen. She is too entitled. Perhaps if I watch her backstory I might understand. The moms on the show though are awesome LOL The Bridgerton mom clearly loves her children and wants them to be happy above all else. The Featherton mom is a hoot LOL. She wants her daughters to just get married no matter what LOL. So far, she is my favorite character.

          So now I am off to try my first chair yoga workout followed by Bridgerton LOL what a wild life I live LOL.

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