Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A Simple Florida Day


          No particular topic today, just thought the sunflower picture was adorable. I am taking it easy today. Yesterday I definitely overdid it. I mowed my front yard and by the time I was done, I was hurting. So, I put some capsaicin ointment on it, which turned out to be a mistake. That is basically pepper ointment. Felt nothing on my foot, but my hand started to burn LOL took a bit to wash it off and tame the pain on my hand. 

          Later that afternoon, Staci and I decided to go to Aquatica and SeaWorld just to get our freebies. $20 each to spend on something. She picked out a Moon shaped dreamcatcher and some glass stars. It was hot outside still, so I guess my foot started sweating, and reactivated the ointment. OMG my foot started to burn!!! I managed to get the sock off to cool my foot, but the sock had become a bioweapon LOL my hand started to burn just from grabbing the sock off. I was stuck in my car, during 5 0'clock traffic with a burning foot, a burning hand, and my daughter laughing at me LOL. It was not fun :)

          So since I overdid yesterday, I am taking it easy today so that I can work this weekend. I will still do my chair workout. I am so more so out of shape that I get winded just doing basic things. I need to keep moving somehow. If I don't, life will get shorter and more painful. I do not like either of those things.

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