Wednesday, March 13, 2024

When I was Younger I Wanted to Grow Up To Be A


          I wanted to be a florist. I wanted to be surrounded by beautiful flowers. I envisioned a shop full of lovely blooms and bouquets, every color of the rainbow, with ribbons and balloons mixed in. I would have a section set aside for a couple of small tables because I would also offer tea and cookies to munch. I thought it would be so fun and relaxing. The internet killed that though. Nobody goes to a flower shop anymore. They just order flowers off of websites to get sent. It is so impersonal. Oh well, it was a nice lil dream when I was a kid.

          It is probably a good idea I do not deal with flowers and plants LOL I am not very good with keeping them alive.  I can even kill fake flowers LOL. I would love to have a beautiful garden in the backyard, but I have yet to find flowers that I cannot kill or that aren't poisonous to my animals. I keep trying though LOL flowers beware...

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