Wednesday, March 27, 2024

My Tree LOL


          Okay, yesterday while I was out mowing and fixing up my front yard, a neighbor came over to talk to me about safety. He apparently thinks there is some shady stuff going on in my neighborhood. I don't think so, but I let him talk. It ended up with him asking permission to trim my trees out front for free. In the interest of maintaining good neighbor relations I said sure. Didn't really want it, but I figured it would be okay, and I kept on friendly terms. Oh boy, I woke up and found the tree out front looks like a lollipop now and the palm tree that had three trunks now only has two LOL I don't know how to feel about that. Not like I can change anything now. The tree will grow back, but the palm tree is now just a double. He cut it at the base. I guess I will adapt. At least that trunk no longer will partially obstruct the sidewalk, though it only did that when I did not trim it back, which I did LOL so now the front of my house looks a bit more bare. At least he put my birdfeeder back on the tree. I am actually glad he did not mess with my big Christmas tree LOL it has birds living in it. They are scary and will attack if you mess with their home :)

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