Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Mountain or Beach?


          Beach it is LOL I spent my teen years in the Sierra Nevadas so I know mountains. So cold. Lake Tahoe was absolutely gorgeous, but most of the time it was too cold. I adore the trees and lakes you find on mountains, but not the weather. I will take the beach. There is a great vibe on the beach. Everybody is relaxed and just enjoying their selves. Kids are building sandcastles or getting knocked over in the surf LOL. There is always treasure to be found in the form of seashells. I like the ones that look like angel wings. The weather for the beach is also cool. The sunsets and sunrises over the water are breathtaking. And when storms come in, the waves are simply fascinating. The only bad thing about the beach is the sharks LOL not going to catch me going into the ocean. NOPE!!! I know Jaws is out there waiting for me.

          Responsibilities for today, oil changes for both cars. Mine is getting done at 11am and then my son's right afterwards. I also set up our A/C to be tuned up tomorrow. If I have time today I will also take the little dog to get her nails trimmed.  Trying to get all sorts of necessary things done before my upcoming mini vacation so I can just relax. 

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